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ASO's Nanabozho Logo

Anthropological Services Ontario's logo is derived from a prehistoric petroglyph discovered in 2003 by Iakub Henschen in Southern Ontario. It depicts Glooskap, in his shape as Nanabozho, the Great Hare.

Petroglyph in situ. Right: contrast enhanced contour © I. Henschen (2003)

In the mythology of Ontario's Anishinaabe First Nations, Nanabozho plays a key role in the story of the world's creation. Afloat on a raft with the birds and animals of the old world, in a deluge caused by the evil serpent people, he fashions a new world from a small grain of sand recovered by the brave muskrat that dove to the bottom, swimming a full day and night.

Nanabozho is a spirit, a powerful magician who can change into the shape of any animal or thing simply by wishing it. He is a shapeshifter, the impersonation of life in all it's manifold appearances. He was sent to Earth by Gitchi Manitou to teach mankind, and one of his first tasks was to give a name to all the plants and animals.

Thus, fittingly, Nanabozho is the custodian of culture in a world that he created.